A year ago I called Peter to arrange for my first session. A specialist neurologist had told me I had ‘some sort of virus’. This virus had been ongoing for months and was causing problems with my sight. I was also suffering from a constant cold which was making me miserable. At the same time I had been trying for a baby for four years, however it was the least of my problems at that point.

I was nervous and worried when I arrived but Peter immediately made me feel at ease, secure and relaxed. Peter explained my treatment plan fully and again I felt at ease and much more confident. After 3 sessions, my eyesight had improved dramatically and my cold symptoms had subsided. I was so happy and relieved that I was starting to feel healthy again. Peter reassured me on my first session that once I’m on the road to recovery, that we could then work on my infertility issues. This was great advice, no one wants to conceive if they’re not already healthy. After another two sessions, I was pregnant and feeling great! I truly believe that I wouldn’t have had my beautiful boy without Peter’s expertise in acupuncture. Not only did he help me back to health, he prepared my body for pregnancy too. I continued to see Peter throughout my pregnancy to alleviate sickness and joint pain. At the end of my pregancy, I was 3 days overdue and I had tried every tip heard of to try to start my labour. Again I called Peter and he was able to see me the next day. He worked on specific points on the body to gently try to induce labour. The next morning I went straight to hospital and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
I intend to carry on receiving acupuncture in the future, it has made a huge difference to my life. I cannot thank Peter enough for his expertise and support.

Kate Zwanzig, Welling