Acupuncture is a system of healing developed in China more than 3000 years ago, and although the theory (which is still referred to) is contained in ancient texts, the practice of Acupuncture has been subject to continuous clinical study and assessment over these thousands of years, treating millions of patients. This system of medicine stems from the belief that everything in the universe is made up of energy and that energy can be used, transformed, made stronger, made weaker. This is also true of western science, e.g. protons, electrons, atoms and electricity.

It is recognised that we are basically a shell of water and minerals and that our brains send electrical (energy) signals to make us function. The Chinese view is that energy, our energy or Qi (pronounced chee) takes various forms within our bodies and that one of these forms can be accessed by using Acupuncture, e.g. by inserting fine needles into specific points, our bodies energy can be (like the electrical distribution system around the country) transformed up or down or redirected so that our body functions normalise. 
This can be used to treat many conditions.

As Qi can take many forms, from solids, like fibroids. To fluids, like blood and lymph. To the more rarefied like spirit and emotion. If we can move this energy or transform it, we can treat problems in these areas.

In effect, Acupuncture tries to normalise our bodies’ energy flow and this helps the body to normalise itself.

Is it safe?

There are more than 2600 Acupuncture practitioners belonging to the British Acupuncture Council in the U.K. Together with the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board they have set very stringent Safety, Ethical, and Educational standards for Acupuncturists in the U.K.

  • All needles are pre-sterilised single use only and are destroyed after use.
  • All clinical areas are disinfected between patients.
  • Antiseptic hand cleansers are routinely used.


Reflexology is the massaging of the feet and hands. It has some thousands of years of history – there are Egyptian tomb and temple carvings which show people practising reflexology.

The belief is that we have reflex zones on our hands and feet (it is more usual that the feet are worked on) that influence all areas and functions of our body.

If an area or function of our body is not working correctly, massaging the corresponding area on the feet or hands can help to move or normalise our energy in this area which in turn helps our body to work correctly.


You can choose your type of massage.

  • It can be a gentle relaxing massage to pamper yourself.
  • It can be a deeper massage to help relieve stress.
It can be a massage to help with sports injury recovery.
  • It can be massage either before after strenuous exercise, e.g. running the marathon.

All massages are done using oil or powder, so be aware that some clothing may stain.

Chinese Herbs

The Dragon Clinic prescribes patent herbs which come in capsule form. This makes them more convenient to take and manage in your daily life, as you do not need to prepare them.

The herbs are powdered and encapsulated under the most stringent conditions in a facility near Croydon. 
The patent herbs can be used as an adjunct to Acupuncture, or as a standalone treatment. The range of conditions treated with herbs is very similar to that treated with Acupuncture.

Shiatsu and Tui Na

These are Japanese and Chinese massage techniques based on the teachings of Acupuncture. The massage in both cases can be done with the patient wearing clothes (loose clothing is a must).

The techniques include stretching of the meridians, applying pressure to specific Acupuncture points and the moving of joints, e.g. rotating the shoulder, to encourage smooth energy flow.

Tai Chi and Chi Gong

By practising Tai Chi and Chi Gong we encourage the smooth flow of energy throughout our body This helps to increase flexibility, suppleness and strength in the muscles.

Because Qi Gong and Tai Chi uses smooth, flowing movements and controlled breathing techniques they also aid in relaxation and help to keep the mind calm and focused, giving a general sense of well being.

This can help with numerous problems, e.g. stress related issues, high blood pressure, insomnia, and it can also help in rehab, ie. from cardiac issues and musculo skeletal problems.

Chi Gong (Qi Gong) is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine from China (in China they have hospitals that specialise in this form of healing).

It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, specific stretching and meditation to cleanse, strengthen and circulate life energy.

Practising Qi Gong can lead to better health and vitality, and a more peaceful but alert and aware state of mind.

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is a martial art and an eastern exercise system that promotes physical and mental harmony / health.

It develops the body’s Chi, increases balance, body awareness, suppleness and a calm alert state of mind.

Qing long (Blue Green Dragon) Tai Chi and Chi Gong Classes

Peter teaches both Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Chi Gong (Qigong).

He started to study these disciplines in 1992 and had previously studied a variety of martial arts.

He provides a low cost class on Sunday mornings at Antenna studios, Haynes lane Crystal Palace from 10.15-11.15

He teaches the Tai Ji 37 form,  Eight Step Yang Style Short Form Tai Chi,  the Eight Strands of Silk Brocade Chi Gong and an introduction to Dragon and Tiger medical Qi Gong

All of which are appropriate for all levels and are ideal for beginners and older adults.